Monday, August 20, 2012

Just a little patience

So we got home last Thursday afternoon. Great vacation. The best. Colorado has a soothing effect on my soul and I came back free, easy, and relaxed. Even through checking some work emails! Then...we had to get groceries. In the span of 30 min, we got honked at, bumped, cut off, glared at, and pretty much welcomed back to reality by the cold harsh truth of half of Des Moines getting groceries at the Wal-mart on a Thursday evening. I was struck at how impatient everyone was. We saw a little of that on vacation; most notably, the folks who charge through a door regardless of you and what you have in your hands. But it wasn't too bad. But this was a different thing all together. Cool thing, though...I told Kari that I was trying to get worked up, but couldn't. I realized that the free and easy didn't have to go away, and no matter how jerky someone was being, I didn't have to let it get under my skin. So...I didn't. While there might not be mountains out the window, it feels a bit like Colorado in the evening and internally there is a peaceful sunset over the hills that I am gonna try real hard to let no one take away!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 6

We hiked to Cub Lake today in hopes of seeing the Moose that are reported to live near there. No luck, but we did have an Evan Almighty scene when we sat down to our snacks and were besieged by ducks, Stellar's Jays, and chipmunks. More elk, and a lone Bighorn ewe at Sheep Lakes after lunching at the Alluvial Fan. Some time at the Y doing art and disc golf, a drive up to Wind River Ranch to meet Henry and Remington, the horses that belong to our friends Jeff and Spider Fish, then dinner at Smokin' Dave's, a great BBQ spot in Estes. We had a great last full Colorado day, topped off by mini golf and two more bull elk as dark fell on the Y. This place truly is special for us, a place of rest and recharge. Tomorrow we begin our journey homeward. Likely one more spin into RMNP and then out towards the plains of our homeland. I think we are ready, or getting there anyway. Excited for one last morning in Estes Park!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Up and over...

Today it was up early again, coffee at Abby's in Frisco, and saying goodbye to Summit County once again. We had a great time there and are always sad to leave. A little over an hour later we were in Grand Lake and heading into Rocky Mountain National Park. We spent time on the west side, hiking about and exploring the Colorado River valley. Up and over Trail Ridge road, where the low temp was 41 and raining. We wandered our way into Estes Park, checked in at the Y, shopped a bit and had a great dinner at Poppy's Pizza. Then back into the park hoping to see the Sprague Lake moose, to no avail. We did see lots of HUGE bull elk, though, all day long. Pretty majestic as they prepare for the upcoming rut. Appears as though some are without velvet and are in peak shape. How cool to be here in the fall someday. The sunset was gorgeous tonight, the air crisp, and it does seem as though fall is on the way. Tomorrow we hike and enjoy our only full day here.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Day 4.

Church. Copper Mountain. Ten Mile Gulch. Happy. Heading for Estes Park in the morning and hoping for wildlife. So thankful for this time and this place.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 3.

Today was the race I signed up to run from Georgetown to Idaho Springs. 13 miles, downhill. It was an early morning but beautiful as we went up and over the Divide; the mountains lit up as we arrived at the start. Kari and the kids hung out waiting for the race to start, and we all tried to stay warm as it was in the mid 40's at race time. A bit later, we walked around Idaho Springs, ate some delicious mountain pizza pie at Beaux Jo's, and celebrated a day of fun, food, and no altitude illness. Our only hike today was cut short by an early evening storm that caught us about a half mile from the van. Cold rain,lightening, and a bit of hail sent us for cover and for home. Some hot tub, ice cream, and games later, we are all ready to sleep and do it again tomorrow. On the docket- church at Rocky Mtn Bible in Frisco, and Copper Mtn to play.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 2.

Good day that has taken an interesting turn. Got to see the sunrise shortly after 6 am mountain time, then off for our first hike on the Shrine Pass trail near Copper Mountain. The views were stunning at the ridge of the pass and we enjoyed every moment. The altitude was noticeable for all of us. Brady started complaining of a headache once back at the van and it only got worse as we spent the afternoon in Breckenridge. We knew something was afoot when he would not finish his Dr. Pepper...low and behold, our little dude has a case of altitude sickness. He is a trooper but is pretty miserable tonight. Hoping some time in Idaho Springs tomorrow will help, as it is 1500 ft lower than where we are staying. I suppose we were due but it is not fun seeing your guy laid so low and feeling so bad about it. Tomorrow will be a better day.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Colorado 2012 day 1

Long long day. Up and rolling at 2 am...gorgeous sunrise, but the kids were up by 6 am. Breakfast at the infamous Ole's in Paxton, NE and then on to Denver. Instead of Coors and Golden, we opted for IKEA and the LoDo district, including Sports Authority field at Mile High where the Broncos play. The plan was to surprise Brady with a stadium tour, which was full but ended up working out in the last minute. 2 hours later, afte we had seen some amazing things in the stadium, we headed to the Great Divide Brewing Co. for a bevy and then up to Frisco. The kids were amazing, but we are all wiped tonight. A few pics from the stadium, more to come tomorrow! Great to be back, feels like home away from home here in the mountains.